If you would like to setup a private tryout for one of open position contact Kyong Lee 719-238-1824.

121 Club, 131 Club, 141 National, 142 Club we are looking for good athletes that want to improve their games. The philosophy of TCV is not avoid hyper-specialization at these ages. 
153 Club - Hitter at any position or setter
172 Club - Middle
171 National - Middle and/or Pin Hitter (RS or OH)


If you are interested in trying out for a TCV Boys team please contact us at ASAP. 


TCV Prep is an affordable developmental volleyball program that offers top quality coaching. Your options for developmental volleyball generally fall into two categories. The first is Y ball or something similar. This option generally has poor coaching but a low cost.  The coaching is hit or miss at best and it is not consistent from one team to the next. That is why TCV Prep uses the Master/Apprentice coach model. 

The second option is a higher priced developmental team that plays in a "league". I put the word league in quotes because some of the leagues only consist of teams from that program so in reality there is no league. These programs can cost $500 or more and can run for as little as 10 weeks.  As with everything there are variations from one program to another, and you should do your research.  

TCV Prep is $220 for each 8 week session. Our goal is to expand the overall volleyball knowledge of the Colorado Springs region and give as many kids as possible the chance to enjoy this game. We also want to make the game, at the entry level, as affordable as we can while providing a high quality learning environment.
We will be offering two different age groups for TCV Prep this year:   
- Tiny Topspins ( Ages 8 - 11 ) Beginners looking to learn the sport. 
- Super Spikers ( Ages 11 - 15 ) Young athletes looking to develop their game further. 
As there is an overlap in the age groups, be sure to read the descriptions for each group provided through the links below. 
You can read more about what we do HERE and we hope to see you in the fall.


      TCV Beach Prep is coached and organized by Justin Hertlein. Justin is a highly accomplished player and coach. He guided the TCV Beach team through their inaugural season last year, and also coaches our 16 National team. Justin holds all athletes to a high standard but knows how t balance that while allowing the athletes to have fun, learn and enjoy this great game.
    TCV Beach is the longest running Youth Beach Volleyball program in Southern Colorado. Both program levels and sessions sell out every year so sign-up early. Our goal is two-fold. We want to expose as many athletes as possible to the beach game, and we want to refine the skills of athletes that have beach experience. Beach/doubles is the single best way to quickly improve your overall game. Improvement is done by maximizing touches and when you play doubles you get 3 times more touches than when you play 6s indoors. On top of that you get to have fun playing the game you love, but in a completely different way. Finally, we top each session off with a BBQ at the park for all participants and families.
    Each session goes for 4 weeks and we meet twice a week for 90 minutes. One the Mondays we will do skill work and on Wednesdays we will play. On the play day, each court will have 8 athletes/4 teams.


Below are the rankings of the top teams at each age by club that primarily serves Colorado Springs. 
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Top Team Age TCV Alttude Hot Shotz Coalition Summit GO!
12 15 5 8 N/A N/A 29
13 24 30 13 22 N/A N/A
14 28 26 21 54 38 57
15 2 8 37 16 33 49
16 10 11 31 9 5 N/A
17 6 3 18 14 23 N/A
Avg 12-17 14.17 13.83 21.33 23.00 24.75 45.00
Avg 13-17 14.00 15.60 24.00 23.00 24.75 53.00
Avg 14-17 11.50 12.00 26.75 24.75 24.75 53.00


Don Harris, UCCS Assistant Coach, is joining the TCV Coaching staff as 161 National Head Coach

Justin Hertlein is taking on an expand role as the lead coach for the 12s and 13s Girls teams


We have compiled what you get from each club that primarily serves the Colorado Springs area. We have changed the names but the information is real. We just want to show what questions you should be asking Read More

Category TCV Club 1 Club 2 Club 3 Club 4 Club 5
College Coaches on Staff 4 3 0 0 0 0
Professional Recruiting Guidance YES NO NO NO NO NO
Free Skills Sessions YES NO NO NO NO NO
Free Athletic Training (National Teams) YES NO ? NO ? NO
Free Try-Outs YES NO NO NO NO NO
Inclusive Pricing (Except Travel) YES NO ? YES ? YES
Pricing On Website YES NO NO NO NO YES
Beach Program YES NO NO NO NO NO
Boys Program YES NO NO NO NO NO


     The RMR region of USA Volleyball is constantly evolving and changing. The good thing is this year I feel that they moved things more in the favor of the parents and athletes. It makes it a bit tougher on clubs and their staff, but oh well we will all survive. However, as things get tougher for clubs the likelihood that they will break, bend, or try and go around the rules increases. I always make the statement that adults ruin everything, and the recruiting / marketing process for club volleyball is no different. As a parent I would not want to associate my young athlete with a club or their leadership that is willing to break the rules because they want to win,or get the best kid. READ MORE


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Athletes and Parents, Within the last month I, Lance Phair, began the process of transferring the Co-Director postition of TCV to Chrissy Elder, UCCS head coach. Chrissy joined the TCV