Picking a Club FACTS and RANKINGS
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It is hard picking a Volleyball club. Where do you go get information? How do you compare one club to another? It isn't easy and there certainly isn't a single website to lookup. Most information is passed along by word of mouth and it may or may not be accurate. So we have decided to consolidate two types of data for informational purposes. We have pulled the RMR rankings for the top team from each club that serves the Colorado Springs area, and we also have put together a chart of what you get for your money with each club in the area. Club directors if there is anything that is inaccurate in the below chart let me know and once it is verified I will change it.

There are many ways to measure success, but right or wrong parents generally equate success with how a team finishes. The below charts shows how each club finished the season within the region for the 12 to 17 age groups with their top teams. We did no include the 18s for two reasons: the 18s are done and off to college, we had two clubs play in the mixed divisions for 18s and the rankings can get debatable. We also supplied three averages: All Ages (12-17), 13-17, and 14-17. This can help show how teams mature and develop. For the even ages these rankings are through Power 5, the region has not updated rankings to reflect Power 6.

Top Team Age TCV Altitude Hot Shotz Coalition Summit GO!
12 15 5 8 N/A N/A 29
13 24 30 13 22 N/A N/A
14 28 26 21 54 38 57
15 2 8 37 16 33 49
16 10 11 31 9 5 N/A
17 6 3 18 14 23 N/A
Avg 12-17 14.17 13.83 21.33 23.00 24.75 45.00
Avg 13-17 14.00 15.60 24.00 23.00 24.75 53.00
Avg 14-17 11.50 12.00 26.75 24.75 24.75 53.00

It is important to know and understand what you are getting when you sign-up for club Volleyball. It is a 6 to 8 month commitment that you are tied to for that entire season. Do your homework and determine what works best for you. Below the chart we will briefly explain why we do what we do. You can and should ask the other clubs why they do what they do. The more information you have the better decision you can make. We have masked the club names, but the data below does represent a club in our area based on the research we have done and our knowledge. The point is you need to ask the right questions and I would start here and add questions that are important to you and your athlete. Also we are the only club in town to offer a Boys Program!!

Category TCV Club 1 Club 2 Club 3 Club 4 Club 5
College Coaches on Staff 4 0 0 3 0 0
Professional Recruiting Guidance YES NO NO NO NO NO
Free Skills Sessions YES NO NO NO NO NO
Free Athletic Training (National Teams) YES NO NO NO ? ?
Free Try-Outs YES NO NO NO NO NO
Inclusive Pricing ( Except Travel) YES YES YES NO ? ?
Pricing on Website YES YES NO NO NO NO
Beach Program YES NO NO NO NO NO

College Coaches On Staff
- We want the best coaches and are constantly seeking out the best staff possible. We also strive to create an atmosphere that they want to be in and apart of.
Professional Recruiting Guidance - We partner with people that know specific things better than we do. That is why we partner with Varsity Athlete and Kip Tani.
Free Skills Sessions - This allows athletes to pick the skill they want to focus on and get better at. They are in control
Free Athletic Training - These young athletes need to understand that they can push their bodies harder than they think and we want professionals showing them how.
Free Try-Outs - We don't think you should pay us money to see if you earn the right to pay us more money. 
Inclusive Pricing - You should know what you are paying upfront. No bait and switch and we don't try and make you think we are cheaper by giving you 20 invoices for different things throughout the year. What you see is what you get.
Pricing on Website - Why keep it hidden? You are going to find out some time and we might as well be upfront about it.
Beach Program - We love growing the game and giving them every chance to get better and enjoy the game.

Posted by Lance P. on 05/16/2019