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The RMR region of USA Volleyball is constantly evolving and changing. The good thing is this year I feel that they moved things more in the favor of the parents and athletes. It makes it a bit tougher on clubs and their staff, but oh well we will all survive. However, as things get tougher for clubs the likelihood that they will break, bend, or try and go around the rules increases. I always make the statement that adults ruin everything, and the recruiting / marketing process for club volleyball is no different. As a parent I would not want to associate my young athlete with a club or their leadership that is willing to break the rules because they want to win,or get the best kid. 


  • As of May 6th Clubs can make non-binding offers to athletes within their organization.
  • Clubs can hold Open Gyms or Clinics but until July 7th they are not allowed to hold a tryout
  • During this time clubs can answer questions have discussions  and communicate with athletes and parents at Open Gyms or Clinics but no offers of any kind can be made to athletes outside of their current club, even verbal.
  • As of July 7th clubs can make non-binding offers to any athlete they choose. 
  • Clubs can ask for a verbal commitment to get an idea of who would like to be part of a team but until a contract is signed there is no real agreement.
  • As of 7/19/19 at 10:00 AM clubs can accept binding contracts. Once the contract is signed and counter-signed it is immediately binding.

Posted by Lance P. on 04/26/2019