Choosing a Club
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      How to pick the best club for my son or daughter? There are so many factors that may or may not be important to each and every person there is no way I could tell you what is best for you and your athlete. However, I can tell you the things you should look for and things you should avoid when looking at a club for any sport.


  • Reputation - How do they treat their athletes? How much do their athletes improve from season to season? etc...
  • College - Do their athletes, if they want to, go on to play in college? In 2018 9 of 10 TCV Seniors will play at college & in 2017 9 of 10 TCV Seniors will play at college.
  • Facility - Do they have clean, accessible and consistent facilities? 100% of the Girl's practices are held at Wasson. All Boy's practices will be at one facility this season.
  • People - You are what you choose to associate your self with. Each club has an identity make sure you share that identity. ALL CLUBS HAVE A FEW CRAZIES BUT SOME MORE THAN OTHERS
  • What do I Get - Skills Session, Athletic Training, College Recruiting Assistance... And do I pay more for it?
  • Coaches - Clubs that don't publish their coaching staff, at least the head coaches. This means they either don't have them or aren't proud of them. We are proud of our staff.
  • Dues - Clubs that don't publish their dues.  What are they hiding? Clubs that charge a low upfront cost but hit you for costs throughout the season. If they can't figure out a budget how sure are you that they can do what they say they can do? I want to know my costs upfront, and anything else to me sounds shady.
  • Pop-Up Clubs - It seems like every year there is a new club or two that pop-up. They generally last no more than 2 or 3 years and die off.
  • Decisions - Clubs that leave decisions up to a parent vote. To me you joined a Volleyball Club for a reason and one of those reasons is to have people that know more about volleyball than you, and help guide your athlete on their athletic journey. If decisions are made through a parent vote that tells me they don't trust their leadership to make decisions.
Good Luck in your process and if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out.

Posted by Lance P. on 06/27/2018