Greta Ludwig
Head Coach - 12-1 Club

Coaching Experience
Team Colorado Volleyball Clu, Assistant Coach & TCV Prep 2014-Present
Coached for ~10 years in Texas. Have coached everything from developmental to national level teams.

Playing Experience
Greta played high school volleyball in Texas and was named MVP during one season.

Coaching Education
USA Volleyball IMPACT Certified
USA Volleyball CAP I Certified
Sportsmetrics Certified (Jump training)

Years with Team Colorado
4th Year Year

Coaching Philosophy
I truly love the sport of volleyball and I try to instill that passion in my team. I focus on fundamentals, and ensuring the that athlete develops the skills (physical and mental) to take them to the next level.

Personal Background
Greta is a physical therapist, who has a special interest in the prevention of knee and shoulder injuries in female athlete. She has 3 young daughters that she hopes to one day see wear the TCV uniform!