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I am excited to introduce you to our new blog & website. This is where we plan to share our thoughts on the next big ideas that will shape & disrupt our industry & the world of Volleyball. We also plan to give you updates on Team Colorado Volleyball activities, including the latest news on our teams, games and tournaments, summer program events & coaching. Or, we may just share whatever is on our mind?

Recent Result 3/28
Category: News & Updates
Big South JNQ Atlanta, GA
14N 14 American 97th out of 116
15N 15 American 29th out of 132
16N 16 American 43rd out of 140
17N 17 USA 9th out of 46

Power 3 ODD
17N 6th Division 2
171 8th Division 5
15N 2nd Division 3
151 6th Division 6
131 8th Division 1
132 1st Division 6

Power 4 Even 
 3rd Division 4
14N 6th Division 5
141 7th Division 6
142 8th Division 8
121 4th Division 3

Posted by Lance P. on 03/28/2016

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